Sentence Examples

  • Finally, about Khojent and in Ferghana, where the climate is milder still, the vine and the pistachio tree cover the hills, while agriculture and horticulture have reached a high degree of perfec See Krasnov's researches in Izvestia of Russ.
  • These last issuing from the ground fly to the Pistachio, and on it deposit their pupae.
  • The true pistachio is found only on the northern frontier; the nuts are imported from Badakshan and Kunduz.
  • Almonds are widely cultivated in Sicily, Sardinia and the sor~ithern provinces; walnut trees throughout the peninsula, their wood being more important than their fruit; hazel nuts, figs, prickly pears (used in the south and the islands for hedges, their fruit being a minor consideration), peaches, pears, locust beans and pistachio nuts are among the other fruits.
  • The locust bean (used for forage), figs, and peaches are widely grown, while in certain special zones the pistachio and the manna-ash yield rich returns.