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  • Found himself subordinated to Pippins two grandsons, who, being minccrs, were under the wardship of their grandmother Plectrude.
  • Pippins brother, the pious Carloman, became a monk in 747, and Pippin, now sole ruler of the kingdom, ordered Childeric also to cut off his royal locks; after which, being king in all but name, he adopted that title in 752.
  • The disappearance of Grippo, Pippins illegitimate brother, who, with the help of all the enemies of the FranksAlamanni, Aquitanians and P~th1e Bavarianshad disputed his power, now completed the 752.768.
  • Meanwhile Pippins Frankish kingdom, vast and powerful as it had been, was doubled.
  • Each mayor, however, sought to supplant the others; the Pippins and Charles Martel succeeded, and their victory was at the same time the victory of Austrasia over Neustria and Burgundy.

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