Sentence Examples

  • I) bounded by the two faces of the basal pinacoid (c) and the four faces of the prism (m); the angle between the prism-faces (mm) is 78° 23', whilst that between c and m is go.
  • R is bounded by the basal pinacoid c (ooi) parallel to which is the perfect cleavage, the clinopinacoid b ((D10) parallel to the plane of symmetry, and the pyramids m (221) and o (112).
  • The Helena crystals are of tabular habit, being composed of the basal pinacoid with a very short hexagonal prism, whilst at Yogo Gulch many of the crystals affect a rhombohedral habit.
  • I are the basal pinacoid, a {oor}, and two square pyramids, b { 'or } and c { 2011.
  • 2 is a tabular crystal in which the basal pinacoid (o) predominates.