Sentence Examples

  • Unlike resorcin it does not give a fluorescein with phthalic anhydride.
  • PHTHALIC ACIDS, or Benzene Dicarboxylic Acids, CmH 4 (CO 2 H) 2.
  • There are three isomers: (1) ortho, or phthalic acid; (2) meta, or isophthalic acid; (3) para, or terephthalic acid.
  • Phthalic acid was obtained by Laurent in 1836 by oxidizing naphthalene tetrachloride, and, believing it to be a naphthalene derivative, he named it naphthalenic acid; Marignac determined its formula and showed Laurent's supposition to be incorrect, upon which Laurent gave it its present name.
  • It forms white crystals, melting at 213° with decomposition into water and phthalic anhydride; the latter forms long white needles, melting at 128° and boiling at 284°.

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