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  • For this purpose he employed an instrument known as the "wedge photometer" (see Photometry, Celestial, and Mem.
  • In 1877 he decided to devote one of the telescopes of the observatory to stellar photometry, and after an exhaustive trial of various forms of photometers, he devised the meridian photometer (see Photometry, Stellar), which seemed to be free from most of the sources of error.
  • Bailey, was accordingly despatched (1889), and the meridian photometer erected successively in three different positions on the slopes of the Andes.
  • The gas obtained by the Young process, when tested by itself in the burners most suited for its combustion, gives on the photometer an illuminating value averaging from 50 to 60 candle-power, but it is claimed, and quite correctly, that the enriching power of the gas is considerably greater.
  • The instrument used at Harvard was a " meridian photometer," constructed on the principle of polarization; while the " method of extinctions," by means of a wedge of neutral-tinted glass, served for the Oxford determinations.

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