Sentence Examples

  • A tentaculocyst (" colleto-cysto- o, phore" or " marginal anchor ") se, seen from the subumbral side.
  • Huxley viewed them as equivalent to and on a level with the larvae of Echinoderms, and of such other trocho phore larvae as resem-???,, ally adopted.
  • In other Entoprocta the buds on a horseshoe retain a high degree of individuality, a shaped l o p h o - thread-like stolon giving off the cylindrical phore; stalks, each of which dilates at its end i, Ectocyst; into the body of a zooid.
  • - In the Hydromedusae the medusa-individual occurs, as already stated, in one of two conditions, either as an independent organism leading a true life c2 a2 in the open seas, or as a subordinate individuality in the hydroid c colony, from which it is never set free; it then becomes a mere reproductive appendage or gono- phore, losing suc FIG.

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