Sentence Examples

  • Potted plants such as ivy, philodendron, begonias, and fragrant herbs are wonderful to work with, and improve air quality.
  • Philodendrons: If you've ever been to an office of any sort, chances are you've seen a philodendron snaking its way around the place.
  • Aroids, of which the tribes are not restricted in their distribution, have two large endemic genera, Philodendron and Anthurium.
  • Ermani), elder, poplar, elm, wild cherry (Prunus padus), Taxus baccata and several willows are mixed with the conifers; while farther south the maple, mountain ash and oak, as also the Japanese Panax ricinifolium, the Amur cork (Philodendron amurense), the spindle tree (Euonymus macropterus) and the vine (Vitis thunbergii) make their appearance.
  • For instance, some species of Philodendron have a growth like that of ivy, with feeding roots penetrating the soil and clasping roots which fix the plant to its support.