Sentence Examples

  • Roobios-also called African red tea; the herb is touted as a rich source of antioxidants, flavanoids, and quartering, luteolin and phenolic acids.
  • Current materials frequently seen in hard hats include polycarbonate, Kevlar, aluminum, phenolic, and plastic.
  • When heated with concentrated hydrochloric acid the amino group is replaced by the hydroxyl group and the phenolic eurhodols are produced.
  • With zinc dust in presence of caustic soda it yields the secondary alcohol oxanthranol, C 6 H 4: CO Choh: C 6 H 4, with tin and hydrochloric acid, the phenolic compound anthranol, C5H4: CO.
  • They may be prepared by the reduction of nitro compounds in alkaline solution (using zinc dust and alkali, or a solution of an alkaline stannite as a reducing agent); by oxidation of hydrazo compounds; or by the coupling of a diazotized amine and any compound of a phenolic or aminic type, provided that there is a free para position in the amine or phenol.