Sentence Examples

  • All these villas can be identified with more or less certainty, the best preserved being those on the east extremity, consisting of a large number of vaulted substructures and the foundations perhaps of a Pharos (lighthouse).
  • The stem of the T was originally a mole leading to an island (Pharos) which formed the cross-piece.
  • The cape at the western end of the peninsula is Ras et-Tin (Cape of Figs); the eastern cape is known as Pharos or Kait Bey.
  • Of Pharos and partly formed by a breakwater (built 1871-1873 and prolonged 1906-1907), 2 m.
  • Alexandria consisted originally of little more than the island of Pharos, which was joined to the mainland by a mole nearly a mile long and called the Heptastadium.