Sentence Examples

  • In the eastern basin the " Pola " expedition observed salinities of 38 7 to 39 o to the east of a line joining Cape Matapan with Alexandria, and 38 2 to 38 7 to the west of it.
  • He studied at Alexandria and doubtless met there Conon of Samos, whom he admired as a mathematician and cherished as a friend, and to whom he was in the habit of communicating his discoveries before publication.
  • Lessing' in 1773, which purports to have been sent by Archimedes to the mathematicians at Alexandria in a letter to Eratosthenes.
  • Of lost works by Archimedes we can identify the following: (I) investigations on polyhedra mentioned by Pappus; (2) Archai, Principles, a book addressed to Zeuxippus and dealing with the naming of numbers on the system explained in the Sand Reckoner; (3) Peri zygon, On balances or levers; (4) Kentrobarika, On centres of gravity; (5) Katoptrika, an optical work from which Theon of Alexandria quotes a remark about refraction; (6) Ephodion, a Method, mentioned by Suidas; (7) Peri sphairopeoia, On Sphere-making, in which Archimedes explained the construction of the sphere which he made to imitate the motions of the sun, the moon and the five planets in the heavens.
  • Meanwhile officers for the new state were chosen, and Governor Pierpont removed his capital to Alexandria where he asserted jurisdiction over the counties of Virginia within the Federal lines.

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