Sentence Examples

  • The dose of jalap is from five to twenty grains, the British Pharmacopeia directing that it must contain from 9 to II% of the resin, which is given in doses of two to five grains.
  • The British Pharmacopeia contains only one preparation, an ointment containing one part of acid to 49 of white paraffin ointment.
  • Morphinae Sulphatis is not official in the British Pharmacopeia but is official in the United States, the U.S.P. Trochisci Morphinae et Ipecacuanhae and Pulvis Morphinae Cornpositus (Tully's powder) being made from it.
  • The British Pharmacopeia contains a large number of preparations of cantharides, but the only one needing special mention is the tincture, which is meant for internal administration; the small dose is noteworthy, five minims being probably the maximum for safety.
  • " Report of the Delegations "; Squire, Companion to the British Pharmacopeia (1908) (18th edition).