Sentence Examples

  • Phaethon, the tropic-bird, he would place with the " Larides " and not with the " Pelecanides," which it only resembles in its feet having all the toes connected by a web.
  • Genera: (a) Anas, Mergus, Phaethon, Plotus; (b) Rhyncops, Diomedea, Alca, Procellaria, Pelecanus, Larus, Sterna, Colymbus.
  • This arch appears on Roman coins from Augustus to Commodus; according to Pausanias it bore two four-horse chariots, one driven by Helios and the other by Phaethon, his son, all in gilded bronze.
  • The first literary evidence is a fragment of Euripides (Phaethon), in which it is especially characterized as an innovation.