Sentence Examples

  • 19; Aratus, Phaenomena, 96.
  • He published separately: - Istoria Universale (Roma, 1697), only one volume of which appeared; De Calendario et Cyclo Caesaris (1703); Hesperi et Phosphori nova Phaenomena (1729), in which he asserted Venus to rotate in 243 days; and (posthumously) Astronomicae et Geographicae Observationes Selectae (1737) and Opuscula Varia (1754).
  • In the first place, he resolved the doubt of Leibnitz about bodies by deciding entirely against his realistic alternative that an organic body is a substantia realizans phaenomena, and for his idealistic alternative that every body is a phenomenon and not a substance at all.
  • Aratus, Phaenomena, v.
  • The Phaenomena of Aratus is a poetical account of the astronomical observations of Eudoxus.