Sentence Examples

  • At the moment when Lesseps had secured the signing of a treaty with the Roman Republic permitting peaceful occupation of the city by the French army, he was peremptorily recalled and Oudinot was as unexpectedly ordered to take the city by storm.
  • At the end of August he appeared before Budapest, the siege of which had already been raised by the defeat of the Austrians; the infant John Sigismund was carried into the sultan's camp, and the queen-mother, Isabella, was peremptorily ordered to evacuate the royal palace, though the sultan gave her a diploma in which he swore only to retain Budapest during the minority of her son.
  • This he peremptorily refused,.
  • Blaine, then secretary of state, refused peremptorily to listen to any explanations.
  • The burghers represented that they were under the protection of Holland, but this plea was peremptorily rejected by the commander of the British forces.