Sentence Examples

  • Every percept is such a starting-point; it is an immediate certainty, remaining with us unmodified as the basis 1 Deontology, p. 42.
  • On the other hand, Hume is certainly right in holding that the distinctive character of a percept as compared with an image is in all ordinary cases the force and liveliness with which it strikes the mind - the distinction, therefore, being one of quality, not of degree.
  • The reality of the external object is a necessary condition, to exclude hallucinations of the senses; the exact correspondence between the external object and the internal percept is also necessary, but naturally hard to secure, for how can we compare the two?
  • An interesting question is how these different sources of visual information are combined to form a unified percept.
  • It may be that we shall have to seek the source of visual percepts in the integration of these two systems.. .

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