Sentence Examples

  • Cyclo-pentene, C 5 H 8, a liquid obtained by the action of alcoholic potash on iodo-cyclo-pentane, boils at 45° C. Cyclopentadiene, C. 1 H 6, is found in the first runnings from crude benzene distillations.
  • Croconic acid (dioxy - cyclo-pentene-trione), C 5 H 2 0 51 is formed when triquinoyl is boiled with water, or by the oxidation of hexa-oxybenzene or dioxydiquinoyl in alkaline solution (T.
  • 3-cyclo-pentene-4-acid-i.
  • Isolauronolic acid, C 9 H 14 0 2, is trimethyl-2.2.3-cyclo-pentene-3-acid-4.
  • 2-isopropyl-3-cyclo-pentene-I-one-5.

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