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  • It may be obtained in small quantity by passing ethylene or acetylene into boiling sulphur; by passing ethyl sulphide through a red-hot tube; by heating crotonic acid, butyric acid or erythrite with phosphorus pentasulphide; by heating succinic anhydride with phosphorus pentasulphide or sodium succinate with phosphorus trisulphide (J.
  • The thiophen homologues are best prepared by heating the 1.4 diketones with phosphorus pentasulphide, the diketones reacting in the enolic form: Thiotenol, or oxymethyl thiophene, is prepared by heating laevulinic acid with phosphorus pentasulphide (W.
  • There are three known compounds of arsenic and sulphur, namely, realgar As2S2, orpiment As2S3, and arsenic pentasulphide As2S5.
  • Arsenic pentasulphide,As2S5, can be prepared by fusing the trisulphide with the requisite amount of sulphur; it is a yellow easily-fusible solid, which in absence of air can be sublimed unchanged; it is soluble in solutions of the caustic alkalis, forming thioarsenates, which can also be obtained by the action of alkali polysulphides on orpiment.
  • The corresponding sulphur compound, thiophosphoryl fluoride, PSF 3, obtained by heating lead fluoride and phosphorus pentasulphide to 200°, is a colourless gas, which may be condensed to a clear transparent liquid.

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