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  • The range of modification of which the rami or limb-branches of the limbs of Arthropoda are capable is very large, and in allied orders or even families or genera we often find d z what is certainly the palp of the same appendage (as determined by numerical position of the segments) - in one case antenniform, in another chelate, in another pediform, and in another reduced to a mere stump or absent altogether.
  • They are frequently organs of attachment in parasitic Copepoda, and they may be completely pediform in the Ostracoda.
  • In a few Ostracoda, by a rare exception, the masticatory process is reduced or suppressed, and the palp alone remains, forming a pediform appendage used in locomotion as well as in the prehension of food.
  • These, with the main stem more or less pediform, have the epipod and exopod modified for respiratory purposes.
  • The variable first maxillae are seldom pediform, their function being concerned chiefly with nutrition, sensation and respiration.

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