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  • The " pectens " have become more firmly chitinized and probably somewhat altered in shape as compared with their condition in the aquatic ancestral scorpions.
  • VIII, The pectens of Scorpio and the first branchial plate of Limulus.
  • In Limulus small entosternites are found in each somite of the appendage-bearing mesosoma, and we find in Scorpio, in the only somite of the mesosoma which has a welldeveloped pair of appendages, that of the pectens, a small entosternite with ten pairs of muscles inserted into it.
  • The meeting of the coxae of all the prosomatic limbs in front of the pentagonal sternum; the space for a genital operculum; the pair of pectens, and the absence of any evidence of pulmonary stigmata are noticeable in this specimen.

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