Sentence Examples

  • Demonstra- Pd ins were held which were repressed with unnecessary violence, coi d although the change o~ capital was not unpopular in the rest of as ~ly, where the Piemonte~isrno of the new rgime was beginning thi arouse jealousy, the secrecy with which the affair was arranged un d the shooting down of the people in Turin raised such a storm w~ disapproval that the king for the first time used his privilege vim of dismissing the ministry.
  • But from § I, T=2DF; therefore F = pd 2 lE/D (25) F in this expression is twice the average magnitude of the equal and opposite forces constituting the couple for one driving-wheel illustrated in fig.
  • Hence, if p is the maximum value of the mean effective pressure corresponding to about 85% of the boiler pressure,, uW = pd 2 le /D (26) is an expression giving a relation between the total weight on the coupled wheels, their diameters and the size of the cylinder.
  • D, 'ps, ' Rf, vd, 'd` ' 'J?1 ' Pe;:--pd 'ee ' or disappearance of one phase of shell-formation before a later one is entered upon.
  • The metals may be arranged in a series according to their power of displacing one another in salt solutions, thus Cs, Rb, K, Na, Mg, Al, Mn, Zn, Cd, Tl, Fe, Co, Ni, Sn, Pb, (H), Sb, Bi, As, Cu, Hg, Ag, Pd, Pt, Au.

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