Sentence Examples

  • Of the many characteristic birds may be mentioned Pycnonotidae or bulbuls, of which the Phyllornithinae are peculiar, Campephagidae or cuckoo-shrikes, Dicruridae or drongos, Nectariniidae or sunbirds; pheasants, together with Pavo and Gallus.
  • Nearly every order, except that of the Struthiones or ostriches, is well represented, and there are many peculiar genera not found elsewhere, such as Buceros, Harpactes, Lophophorus, Euplocamus, Pavo and Ceriornis.
  • Genera: Didus, Pavo, Meleagris, Crax, Phasianus, Tetrao, Numida.
  • Among them also is the peacock Calanid, Calocalanus pavo (Dana), with its highly ornamented antennae and gorgeous tail, the most beautiful species of the whole order (fig.
  • - Calocalanus pavo (Dana).

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