Sentence Examples

  • In early inquiries a great point was made of the prevention of putrefaction, and work was done in the way of finding how much of an agent must be added to a given solution, in order that the bacteria accidentally present might not develop. But for various reasons this was an inexact method, and to-day an antiseptic is judged by its effects on pure cultures of definite pathogenic microbes, and on their vegetative and spore forms. Their standardization has been effected in many instances, and a water solution of carbolic acid of a certain fixed 'strength is now taken as the standard with which other antiseptics are compared.
  • Clearly, we must also regard the various genetic ailments as being diseases as well, even though we know they, too, have no pathogenic component.
  • Understanding the recipes that make our pathogenic enemies is a huge advantage.
  • Schuster, F. L. (2002) Cultivation of pathogenic and opportunistic free-living amebas.
  • Finegold S. (1982) ' Pathogenic anaerobes ' Archives of Internal Medicine, 142: 1988-1992.

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