Sentence Examples

  • The true Pathan is possibly of Indian extraction.
  • PATHAN, the name applied throughout India to the Afghans, especially to those permanently settled in the country and to those dwelling on the borderland.
  • Whilst the heavier troops moved down the Kabul valley to Pencelaotis (Charsadda) under Perdiccas and Hephaestion, Alexander with a body of lighter-armed troops and cavalry pushed up the valleys which join the Kabul from the north - through the regions now known as Bajour, Swat and Buner, inhabited by Indian hill peoples, as fierce then against the western intruder as their Pathan successors are against the British columns.
  • On the downfall of the Pathan dynasty of Delhi, about A.D.
  • The geographical boundary between the Pathan and Baluch races in the hills nearly corresponds with the northern limit of the district.

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