Sentence Examples

  • Wave trains; but, although other patentees have suggested the same plan, the author is not aware that any success has attended its use in practice.
  • In the United States the most active workers and patentees at this period were R.
  • First settled about 1753, Brattleboro took its name from one of the original patentees, William Brattle (1702-1776), a Massachusetts loyalist.
  • This incident well illustrates the ground of his objection to the British system of patent law, which he looked upon as calculated to strifle invention and impede progress; the patentees in this case did not manage to make a practical success of their invention themselves, but the existence of prior patents was sufficient to turn him aside from a path which conducted him to valuable results when afterwards, owing to the expiry of those patents, he was free to pursue it as he pleased.
  • The territory within the jurisdiction of the Council for New England was parcelled in 1635 among the patentees in such 1 In the 17th century both "Martha's Vineyard" and "Martin's Vineyard" were used, and the latter appears in a book as early as.