Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps the most common answer to how to wear a pashmina with a scarf clip is to drape the pashmina around the back of your neck, with each end hanging over the shoulders and draping over the chest.
  • Tie a pashmina around your waist or hips as a belt or sarong and use a pin or scarf ring to hold the knot in place and give an extra bit of sparkle in lieu of an actual belt buckle.
  • Neck knot: This pashmina variation is perfect for sporting over a simple sheath dress (with or without a jacket) or with a casual ensemble such as khakis and a denim jacket.
  • This way of wearing a pashmina takes the place of wearing a coat, so it's perfect for wearing with cocktail dresses that aren't easily flattered by bulky coats and jackets.
  • This is more of a classic scarf look and you can spread the pashmina over the shoulders or keep it closer to the neck depending on how much warmth or coverage you require.

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