Sentence Examples

  • Aside from their intricate dance routines and high energy performances, these cheerleaders are all either enrolled in college (as full-time students), or are full or part-time employees that participate in numerous charitable events.
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor: A technical writer who works full-time for one company will often have a higher annual income, as many freelance technical writers only work on a part-time basis due to personal commitments.
  • Part-Time Babysitting: Part-time babysitting is when you watch the family's kids several days a week, usually on the same schedule, much like a summer babysitting job, except you are not required to be there every day.
  • Part-time modeling as a hobby is fairly easy; if a teenager wants to get serious about modeling it can be hard and sometimes tedious, but if the teen enjoys it then modeling can become a very rewarding experience.
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