Sentence Examples

  • If you're considering a hooded parka, the following list will provide a sampling of the types of plus size options available.
  • This military style parka was called the "snorkel' parka, because it zipped up so tight in combination with the hood that those who wore them were left with a tiny slit to peek through, like the size of a snorkeling mask.
  • The parka crossed from just a practical, functional piece of outerwear to a fashionable but functional garment back in 1959 when it was featured in Vogue magazine.
  • Airforce crew members flying in or visiting areas with freezing temperatures below -60 degrees Fahrenheit were given a hooded parka as part of their equipment.
  • Take the time to research the various styles and features offered by today's manufacturers because a well-made parka will keep you warm for years.