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  • The paraphyses; (which may be absent entirely in the Pyrenolichens) are erect, colourless filaments which are After Tulasne, from De Bary's Vergleichende Morphologie and Biologie der Pilze, Mycetozoen and Bacterien, by permission of Wilhelm Engelmann.
  • As indicated above, the weight of evidence seems to favour what has been put forward in the case of the non-lichenforming fungi (see Fungi), that in some cases the ascogonia develop as a result of a previous fertilization by spermatia, in other cases the ascogonia develop without such a union, while in still other Epithecium Asci  :Thecium (Hymenium) Paraphyses Parathecium, - Cortex gn,go mphitheciam - __ __MeddllzC-- _Hypoitienum==?=_` After Darbishire, from Berichte der deutschen botanischen Gesellschaft, by permission of Borntraeger & Co.
  • The paraphyses branch and form a network (capillitium) over the asci, the capillitium and ejected spores forming a long persistent powdery mass (mazaedium).
  • Sometimes fatty oil or watery sap is found in swollen hyphal ends, or such tubes contain coloured sap. Cystidia and paraphyses may be also classed here.
  • _ r, p, The sterile tissue from which jthe paraphyses h spring.

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