Sentence Examples

  • Yet she was the one who had established the gender parameters by telling him she wanted him to wear the pants.
  • Iv.); and in the same year expanded Euler's adumbrated method of the variation of parameters into a highly effective engine of perturbational research.
  • Antenna has several important parameters: resonant frequency,gain, impedance, aperture or radiation pattern, efficiency and bandwidth, polarization.
  • A binary form of order n contains n independent constants, three of which by linear transformation can be given determinate values; the remaining n-3 coefficients, together with the determinant of transformation, give us n -2 parameters, and in consequence one relation must exist between any n - I invariants of the form, and fixing upon n-2 invariants every other invariant is a rational function of its members.
  • Similarly regarding 1 x 2 as additional parameters, we see that every covariant is expressible as a rational function of n fixed covariants.

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