Sentence Examples

  • Transmit antennas also have parameter - a maximum power rating.
  • It is to be noticed that the parameter c of the cylindroid is unaltered if the two pitches h, k be increased by equal amounts; the only change is that all the pitches are increased by the same amount.
  • To develop the theory, consider the curve corresponding to any particular value of the parameter; this has with the consecutive curve (or curve belonging to the consecutive value of the parameter) a certain number of intersections and of common tangents, which may be considered as the tangents at the intersections; and the so-called envelope is the curve which is at the same time generated by the points of intersection and enveloped by the common tangents; we have thus a dual generation.
  • It is obvious that the co-ordinates of any point on an ellipse may be expressed in terms of a single parameter, the abscissa being a cos q4, and the ordinate b sin 43, since on eliminating 4 between x = a cos and y = b sin 4) we obtain the equation to the ellipse.
  • The notion is very probably older, but it is at any rate to be found in Lagrange's Theorie des fonctions analytiques (1798); it is there remarked that the equation obtained by the elimination of the parameter a from an equationf (x,y,a) = o and the derived equation in respect to a is a curve, the envelope of the series of curves represented by the equation f (x,y,a) = o in question.

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