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  • It is " a far cry " from Vanua Levu to Vancouver Island, and, ethnologically, the Ahts of the latter region are extremely remote from the Papuans with their mixture of Malay and Polynesian blood.
  • If we are to regard the Egyptian myths about the gods in animal shape, and about the non-natural superhuman heroes, and their wars and loves, as esoteric allegories devised by civilized priests, perhaps we should also explain Pund-jel, Qat, Quawteaht, the Mantis god, the Spider creator, the Coyote and Raven gods as priestly inventions, put forth in a civilized age, and retained by Australians, Bushmen, Hottentots, Ahts, Thlinkeets, Papuans, who preserve no other vestiges of high civilization.
  • This custom prevails in African mysteries, in Guiana, among Australians, Papuans, and Andaman Islanders.
  • PAPUANS (Malay papitwah or puwah-puwah, " frizzled," "woolly-haired," in reference to their characteristic hairdressing), the name given to the people of New Guinea and the other islands of Melanesia.
  • But Papuans of mixed blood are found throughout the island (unless the Karons be of Negrito stock), and from Flores in the west to Fiji in the east.

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