Sentence Examples

  • Long before the overthrow of Pisa the list of contests had been so enlarged as to invest the celebration with a Panhellenic character.
  • The great oracles, however, were of Panhellenic celebrity and did not serve each a particular state, and so in this direction also the risk of an independent priestly power within the state was avoided.'
  • Olympia entered on a new phase of brilliant and secure existence as a recognized Panhellenic institution.
  • Without risking any revolt of Hellenic feeling, the new " captain-general " of Greece could erect a monument of his triumph in the very heart of the Panhellenic sanctuary.
  • South of the Danube its chief political interest centred in the Kutzo-Vlach communities in Macedonia, which were the object of a Panhellenic propaganda most offensive to Rumanian nationalism.