Sentence Examples

  • A commission 1 Umtonga had been originally designated by Panda as his successor.
  • Panda died in October 1872, but practically the government of Zululand had been in Cetywayo's hands since the victory of 1856, owing both to political circumstances and the failing health of his father.
  • The Zulu country continued, however, excited and disturbed until the government of Natal in 1861 obtained the formal nomination of a successor to Panda; and Cetywayo was appointed.
  • Panda was a weaker and less able man, but kindly and really grateful, a very rare quality among Zulus.
  • Suspecting Panda of favouring a younger son, Umbulazi, as his successor, Cetywayo made war on his brother, whom he defeated and slew at a great battle on the banks of the Tugela in December 1856.