Sentence Examples

  • Palfrey, History of New England (5 vols., Boston, I 85 f;-1890), to the War of Independence.
  • While Edward's army paused, Bruce, mounted on a palfrey, was attacked by Sir Henry Bohun.
  • Palfrey, History of New England (5 vols., Boston, 1858-1890); J.
  • The earliest record of a grant of market rights is in 1219, when Roger la Zouch obtained a grant of a weekly market and a two days' fair at the feast of St Helen, in consideration of a fine of one palfrey.
  • The academy is one of the foremost secondary schools in the country, and among its alumni have been Daniel Webster, Edward Everett, Lewis Cass (born in Exeter in a house still standing), John Parker Hale, George Bancroft, Jared Sparks, John Gorham Palfrey, Richard Hildreth and Francis Bowen.