Sentence Examples

  • In the bilingual inscription (Greek and Pahlavi), Ardashir I.
  • Like the history of the founder of the Achaemenian empire, that of Ardashir has from the beginning been overgrown with legends; like Cyrus he is the son of a shepherd, his future greatness is predicted by dreams and visions, and by the calculations of astronomers he becomes a servant at the court of King Artabanus and then flies to Persia and begins the rebellion; he fights with the great dragon, the enemy of god, &c. A Pahlavi text, which contains this legend, has been translated by Noldeke (Geschichte des Artachshir i Papakan, 1879).
  • In the Pahlavi translation of the Indian story as represented by the Syrian Kalilag and Damnag (ed.
  • It is in any case no doubt identical with the demon Aeshma of the Zend-Avesta and the Pahlavi texts.
  • Text and translation are often spoken of together in Pahlavi books as Avistak va Zand (" Avesta and Zend "), whence - through a misunderstanding - our word Zend-Avesta.

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