Sentence Examples

  • In young birds both oviducts are almost equal in size, but the right soon degenerates into an insignificant strand.
  • Oviducts of Oligochaeta, sperm ducts of Phreoryctes, the coelomoducts occupy, like the nephridia, two segments, the funnel opening into that in front of the segment which carries the external pore.
  • To this category will belong the oviducts in Teleostean fishes and probably the gonad ducts in several groups of invertebrates.
  • The oviducts are always short trumpet-shaped tubes and are sometimes reduced (Enchytraeidae) to merely the external orifices.
  • It is possible, however, that those oviducts belong to a separate morphological category, more comparable to the dorsal pores and to abdominal pores in some fishes.

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