Sentence Examples

  • Encouraged by this, the senatorial party put up Drusus to outbid Gracchus.
  • In any case Joseph borrowed money from his friends in Samaria; and this point in the story proves that the Jews were supposed to have dealings with the Samaritans at the time and could require of them the last proof of friendship. Armed with his borrowed money, Joseph betook himself to Egypt; and there outbid the magnates of Syria when the taxes of the province were put up to auction.
  • Too late Napoleon endeavoured to outbid Alexander by offering to Sweden Finland, all Pomerania and Mecklenburg, in return for Sweden's active co-operation against Russia.
  • Made a desperate effort to outbid him in the eyes of the more extreme Tb & Catholics, and by declaring himself head of the League of Lioi3s ~ degraded himself into a party leader.