Sentence Examples

  • While waiting, he noticed the orchid had been moved.
  • It would appear, then, that the orchid flower differs from the more general monocotyledonous type in the irregularity of the perianth, in the suppression of five out of six stamens, and in the union of the one stamen and the stigmas.
  • If you don't like the orchid, it's okay, my ego isn't that fragile.
  • The East Indian orchid house takes in those species which are found in the warm parts of the eastern hemisphere, as well as those from the hottest parts of the western, and its temperature should range from about 70° to 80° during the summer or growing season and from 65° to 70° during winter.
  • When we have mentioned vanilla, which consists of the fleshy pods of an orchid, we have mentioned about the only economic product that now comes into market.

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