Sentence Examples

  • If it isn't the skunks and opossum killing the chickens, it's the weeds taking over the garden.
  • - Teeth of Upper Jaw of Opossum (Didelphys marsupialis), all of which are unchanged, except the third premolar, the place of which is occupied in the young animal by a molariform tooth, represented in the figure below the line of the other teeth.
  • With the exception of the water-opossum, forming the genus Chironectes, all the living members of the family may be included in the genus Didelphys.
  • The latter may, however, be split up into several sub-generic groups, such as Metachirus, Philander, Marmosa (Micoureus or Grymaeomys), Peramys, Dromiciops, &c. The small South American forms included in Marmosa, which lack the pouch, and have numerous teats, and molar teeth of a primitive type, are doubtless the most generalized representatives of the group (see Opossum; and WATER-Opossum).
  • The opossum of America is the only species out of Australasia which is thus provided.

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