Sentence Examples

  • When zygospores and oospores are produced a new cell-wall is also formed, but a long period of rest ensues.
  • Zygospores, oospores, brand-spores, aecidiospores, ascospores, basidiospores, &c. Little or nothing is gained by these definitions, however, which are especially physiological.
  • Besides the internal or centripetal growth, some cell-walls are thickened on the outside, such as pollen grains, oospores of Fungi, cells of Peridineae, &c. This centrifugal growth must apparently take place by the activity of protoplasm external to the cell.
  • The outer protective walls of the oospores of some Fungi are formed out of protoplasm containing numerous nuclei, which is at an early stage separ~t~d from tl-,c. r,rofc,nI,,,zm of ih,~ o,~nor~ T,.

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