Sentence Examples

  • They stepped out on faith and called themselves "rebels with a cause," because it was the studio's desire to create an innovative "Internet series" and distribute it directly to the consumer in an on-demand basis.
  • Because this type of water heater doesn't utilize a holding tank like a standard hot water heater, it offers benefits such as on-demand hot water and lower utility bills while being better for the environment.
  • Free Internet radio stations may offer on-demand programs or music, available via pre-recorded media files, streaming broadcasts available in real-time, or a combination of both services.
  • GE's hybrid water heater is called the GeoSpring, it uses advanced heat pump technology along with traditional electric elements for producing on-demand hot water to the whole house.
  • While social networking platforms don't necessarily provide you with on-demand real-time information, they can still be used to track cell phones in a more passive manner.