Sentence Examples

  • Antipater and Olympias presently demanded the surrender of Harpalus.
  • His regency was greatly troubled by the ambition of Olympias, mother of Alexander, and he was nominally superseded by Craterus.
  • Having crossed over to Macedonia, and thrown in her lot with Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great, she was imprisoned by Cassander in the fortress of Amphipolis and put to death (3 10 or 309 B.C.).
  • ALEXANDER I., king of Epirus about 342 B.C., brother of Olympias the mother of Alexander the Great, and son-in-law of Philip of Macedon, whose daughter Cleopatra he married (336).
  • The god declared him to be his son, renewing thus an old Egyptian convention or belief; Olympias was supposed to have been in conyerse with Ammon, even.

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