Sentence Examples

  • It is also obtained when sebacic, stearic and oleic acids are oxidized with nitric acid.
  • The unsaturated fatty acids which occur chiefly in oils and fats are oleic acid, iodine value 90.07; erucic acid, iodine value 75.15; linolic acid, iodine value 181.42; linolenic acid, iodine value 274.1; and clupanodonic acid, iodine value 367.7.
  • Oleic acid occurs in all non-drying oils and fats, and to some extent in the semi-drying oils and fats.
  • In the mixture of unsaturated fatty acids, by means of some more refined methods, clupanodonic acid, linolenic acid, linolic acid and oleic acid can be recognized.
  • OLEIC ACID, C13H3402 or C 8 111 7.

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