Sentence Examples

  • In the same year William Lyon Mackenzie led a similar armed revolt in Upper Canada against the domination of the ruling officialdom called, with little reason, the " Family Compact."
  • The only representative of officialdom remaining on premises, in even a semi-official capacity, was Sheriff Jake Weller.
  • It was not in the mood of Japanes officialdom at that time to brook such assaults.
  • He had to contend against corrupt officialdom, indiscriminate expenditure, and absence of organization in the collection of revenue, apart from the confusion with regard to the currency.
  • In order to cover this recourse was had as usual, not to remedies, but to palliatives worse than the evil: heavy usurious loans, debasement of the coinage, creation of stocks that were perpetually being converted, and ridiculous charges which the bourgeois, sickened with officialdom, would endure no longer.

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