Sentence Examples

  • In 790 the banished !Ethelred returned to the throne and drove out Osred, whom he put to death in 792. !Ethelred, who had married iElflaed the daughter of Offa, also killed Olf and Olfwine, the sons of Olfwald and was murdered himself at Corbridge in 796.
  • In Saxon times, King Offa founded an abbey at Bath, where King Edgar was crowned in 973.
  • The 8th century Offa 's Dike attracts numerous visitors each year together with the remains of several Norman castles.
  • Wales was thereby defined by Offa more than 1,200 years ago, creating a border relentlessly gnawed at in the succeeding centuries.
  • In the end Egfrith only outlived his father by 141 days. Offa himself had been involved in a struggle for the throne of Mercia.

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