Sentence Examples

  • Although it shouldn't be the reason why you are helping, sometimes miles logged to specifically work for the charity are tax deductible, so be sure to keep track of where you went, when and how many miles you put on the odometer.
  • This information includes its make, model and year, number of doors, miles on its odometer, primary use, annual mileage driven, whether it is leased, and the zip code where it is parked or garaged.
  • You just take the distance you've traveled between fuel-ups (odometer readings), and divide that number by the number of gallons you had to add to the tank to fill it since the last fill-up.
  • Gas purchases are tracked with odometer readings and identification numbers, meaning you can track not only the amount of fuel purchased but the fuel efficiency of a given vehicle.
  • This will tell you if the car's been in any accidents, if its odometer reading is correct, and whether it was involved in floods or other damaging events.