Sentence Examples

  • From 1738 to 1741 he was placed in the care of an oculist, as he suffered from inflammation of the eyes.
  • The oculist uses it for at least six purposes.
  • ALBRECHT VON GRAFE (1828-1870), German oculist, son of Karl Ferdinand von Grafe, was born at Berlin on the 22nd of May 1828.
  • He started business as a clock, lock and tool maker at Doncaster, and attained a considerable local reputation for scientific knowledge and skilled workmanship. He also practised surgery in an experimental fashion, and was frequently consulted as an oculist.
  • For the use of the oculist, who constantly employs this drug, it is also prepared in lamellae for insertion within the conjunctival sac. Each of these contains one-thousandth part of a grain of physostigmine sulphate, a quantity which is perfectly efficient.

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