Sentence Examples

  • At 0 be A, A, C, and if n be the constant angular velocity about the axis OC the FIG.
  • Again, the components of angular momentum about OC, OA are Cn,A sin 0~, and therefore the angular momentum (u, say) about OZ is pA sini 0 ~+Cn cosU.
  • 83 OZ is supposed to be vertical, and OC is the axis of the solid drawn in the direction 0G.
  • 36 we see that the angular velocities p, q, r of the moving lines, OA, OB, OC about their instantaneous positions are p=Osin4,sin0cos4,~,q=cos4,+sin0sin4,i~,~
  • 36, if OA, OB, OC be three mutually perpendicular lines in the solid, we may denote by O the angle which OC makes with a fixed direction OZ, by ~ the azimuth of the plane ZOC measured from some fixed plane through OZ, and by f~ the inclination of the plane COA to the plane ZOC In fig.

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