Sentence Examples

  • Although it's unclear why some people suffer from Asperger syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder at the same time, some physicians believe that AS leads to anxiety or depression, which may or may not worsen over time to include OCD.
  • Other symptoms that may be associated with tics and tic disorders include obsessive thoughts; difficulty concentrating or paying attention in school; forgetfulness; slowness in completing tasks; losing the thread of a conversation.
  • Others are compulsive eaters who, as the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, engage in eating as a repetitive, obsessive behaviour, in much the same way that some obsessive-compulsives wash their hands repeatedly.
  • Most of the time, the best treatment consists of a series of therapies that target the core signs of the disorder such as language and social communication, physical clumsiness and repetitive or obsessive behaviors.
  • Those affected may show any combination of the typical symptoms of autism, from sensory issues to communication and social interaction deficits, repetitive behaviors to narrow interests and obsessive routines.