Sentence Examples

  • All along the base of the highlands, from Khojent to Vyernyi, earthquakes are frequent; 3 but their effects lie beyond the scope of our observational methods.
  • This observational method Cousin regards as that of the 18th century, - the method which Descartes began and abandoned, and which Locke and Condillac applied, though imperfectly, and which Reid and Kant used with more success, yet not completely.
  • The observational method applied to consciousness gives us the science of psychology.
  • With the development of observational astronomy the sidereal universe was arbitrarily divided into areas characterized by special assemblages of stars; these assemblages were named asterisms by Ptolemy, who termed the brightest stars "of the fi rst magnitude," and the progressively fainter Stars.
  • Thus the differences in the wave-lengths of presumably the same lines as measured by different Arctic observers may be only partly due to unfavourable observational conditions.

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